We provide strategic plan development and compilation services to support the alignment of governance and the alignment of organizations with their mission, services, and objectives.

National Action Planning - Specifically, nation-state level planning intended to establish broad level strategies to assist, support and guide subordinate level governmental regions and partner agencies and nongovernmental organizations in their responses to protect against exploitation and abuse of vulnerable populations.  

Principled Governance Strategies - Development strategies specifically focused on the role of governing leaders and public processes to achieve good governance through personal commitment to:

  • Trustworthy service that is predictably and reliably effective, efficient, and accountable to constituency;
  • Ethical service that consistently adheres to well-known and respected values and principles of behavior for service transparency and adherence to the rule of law;
  • Delegate service in fulfillment of a representative role that is accountable to and open to the participation and consensus of the governed;
  • Adaptive service that inspires and mobilizes the people to peacefully overcome challenges in pursuit of outcomes fostering a thriving society that is responsive, inclusive and equitable toward all of its peoples.

Organizational Strategic Planning - Consult and facilitate a development and planning process that helps reset a focus on a clear vision and charts the organization's realistic and practical path for sustainable development, project and program success, and starting and completing short and long term action plans.

Community Action Planning - Community level planning intended to establish local strategies to assist, support and guide local governmental, nongovernmental, and business leaders in their collaborative efforts to carry out national strategies or to develop unique local strategies to improve community well-being.

There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.
— Peter Drucker